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    Chinese Taipei is going to hold an event entitled “Cross-Border Human Capacity Building for Glocalized Scientific Literacy: Phase 2-STEM+ Education for School Girls, Women, and Teacher Professional Development.” from 25th to 26th March, 2021. The event is co-funded by APEC and Chinese Taipei’s Ministry of Education to provide a platform for participants from member economies to exchange thoughts and ideas concerning STEM+ Education and relevant gender issues. The event will be the hybrid event. We welcome all participants to engage in the event and share knowledge and information.


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    Since the registration for online participation is closed, the registration is only open to in-person participation.

    線上參與名額已滿,現在僅開放現場參與者報名,報名請 點此



    APEC HRDWG Project: Phase1 & Phase 2 Introduction


    This video indicates the implementation strategy, invited experts and workshop outcomes from the Phase 1 event. The takeaways from the roundtable discussion are also presented. Finally, the brief introduction of the Phase 2 event is introduced. Please stay tuned to our upcoming updates!


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