• About the Workshop (Webinar)

    This event aims to provide the platform for APEC member economies to collaborate, exchange and share the experience in STEM-PLUS areas to achieve the following goals.


    1. Enhancing science teachers’ competence in cultivating students’ scientific literacy through implementing innovative designs of science and technology curriculum standards for K-12, in particular, for female learners.
    2. Providing the opportunity for longitudinal exchange of STEM-PLUS practice experiences on issues and products ranging from curriculum design, implementation of STEM-PLUS curriculum, emergent challenges arising from the implementation of novel approaches in STEM-PLUS education during the event to exemplify the impact of APEC region exchanges of new science educational initiatives with glocalization approach.
    3. Sharing existing best practices on gender-related issues in STEM-PLUS fields and deliver the outcomes during the workshop.


    The two-day event will contain keynote speeches, delegates’ presentations, and the panel. The event will be the hybrid event, and everyone is welcome to attend online or in person.


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