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    Elizaveta Zhdanova

    Elizaveta Zhdanova ­was granted MSc in International Relations, and is the Head of Division for Analytical Support of International Affairs, Far Eastern Federal University. She is the member of the Executive Board of Far Eastern Association of Russian Language and Literature’ Educators and previously worked at Russkiy Mir (Russian World) Foundation, non-governmental organization aimed at promotion of Russian language and culture abroad. She also coordinated the 9th APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education (APEC CCHE’20) “The New Era of Digital Education: Multilateral Approach and Challenges for APEC” supported by the APEC Human Resources Development Working Group and organized a key educational program conducted at Far Eastern Federal University in 2020 ­BRICS Educational Internship Program. She has participated in large-scale international events such as Russkiy Mir Assembly and BRICS Civil Forum and the author of scientific papers in the fields of BRICS, international cooperation, network diplomacy. She is engaged in women’s agenda.


    Presentation Title: Women in STEM: Case of Russia

    Aizatul Adzwa Mohd. Basri

    Aizatul Adzwa Mohd. Basri spent twelve years teaching Science, Chemistry and Additional Science at secondary schools before joining the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Ministry of Education, Malaysia at the end of 2001. She is currently the Head of Deputy Director in the Science and Additional Science Unit in the Curriculum Development Division (CDD), Ministry of Education Malaysia and is responsible for the development of the Science and Additional Science curriculum for secondary schools. She has vast experience in developing curriculum, producing learning materials, conducting courses, carrying out research as well as managing educational programmes. She has also been involved with UNESCO’s Girls in STEM programme especially in developing a resource pack for gender responsive STEM education.


    Presentation Title: STEM Initiative in Malaysia

    Cynthia Gayya

    Cynthia Gayya is a science education advocate having been involved in capacity-building projects of the Science Education Institute, Department of Science and Technology. She leads a teacher training program called Science Teacher Academy for the Regions (STAR) that conducts STEM teacher trainings all over the country. She believes that the quality of students is greatly influenced by the quality of science and mathematics teachers. With this thought, she is very passionate and committed in bringing to a much higher level the competence and knowledge of science and mathematics teachers through teacher trainings. Aside from capacity-building activities, she is also deeply involved in networking activities where she collaborates with science education experts locally and globally for research and information exchange. Her other involvement is with the gender and development activities of the Institute. She has been the chairperson of the Technical Working Group of the Gender and Development (GAD) focal point system of the Institute from 2014-2017 where she was exposed to various GAD mainstreaming activities and a contributor to the Institute’s GAD Framework 2017-2020, detailing GAD plans, program and activities of the Institute.

    Presentation Title: S&T Capacity Building Efforts with Gender Perspective: Philippine Experience

    Prof. Anh Vinh Le

    Prof. Anh Vinh Le is Acting Director General of Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES) and the Director of National Center for Sustainable Development of General Education Quality. Vinh got his B.Sc. in Math (with Honors) and Computer Science from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2005 then pursued his PhD in Mathematics at Harvard University in 2010. Before joining VNIES, he held several positions at University of Education, Vietnam National University, including Dean of Faculty of Teacher Education, Director of Center for Educational Research and Applications, and Principal of High school of Educational Sciences. He has published more than 60 papers at international journals (both in Math and Education) and is leading a research group at Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences on developing Vietnam Educational Strategy Framework 2021 - 2030.

    Presentation Title: STEM Education in Vietnam: Views from the Social Gap and Gender Issues

    Georgina Gutiérrez

    Georgina Gutiérrez is an Electrical Engineer, graduated from “Santiago de Chile” University (USACH). She also has an incomplete a PhD in Engineering Sciences at “Concepción” University, Chile (UDEC). She has a diploma in University Teaching awarded by UFRO and Certification Program for an International Engineering Educator (IGIP-Internationale Gesellschaft für Ingenieurpädagogik- International Society for Engineering Education). She is currently an academic of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Head of Teacher Development and STEM Team Leader, of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of the “La Frontera” University, where she performs teaching, research and administrative work.

    Presentation Title: Closing Gender Gaps in Engineering

    Patti Curtis

    Patti Curtis is the Robert Noyce/Ellen Lettvin STEM Education Fellow. Through this fellowship, she supports the Department of Education’s STEM efforts and work in collaboration with other Federal agencies. Curtis was selected for the fellowship due to her extensive background working on informal and formal STEM policies and programs. She has served as the Director of the Washington, D.C. Office of the Museum of Science, on the U.S. House of Representatives STEM Education Caucus Steering Committee, the ASTC Public Policy Committee, and the Title IV, Part A Coalition Steering Committee. Previously, she was a government relations representative for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and served as a leader of the STEM Education Coalition. Curtis is one of the Department of Education’s foremost experts on STEM education and STEM policy and will contribute to an insightful dialogue about the status of STEM and women in STEM in the United States.

    Presentation Title: Females in U.S. STEM Education

    Carlos Jesahel Vega Gómez

    Carlos Jesahel Vega Gómez is a Communications and Electronics Engineer, a Master in Education with Intervention in Educational Practice and a Doctor in Water and Energy. For 15 years he has been a professor in the area of engineering and basic sciences. At the University of Guadalajara and at the Industrial Technical Teaching Center, in administrative positions he has been Coordinator of the Career of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Head of the Department of Technological Studies, Coordinator of Learning Technologies, Secretary of Division of Engineering, Coordinator of the Doctorate in Water and Energy and is currently the Head of the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences of the University Center of Tonalá of the University of Guadalajara. In the productive sector he has worked in the Information and Communication Technologies sector, being the State Liaison of the National Coordinating Instance in the “Proyecto México Conectado” of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

    Presentation Title: The Participation of Upper-level Students in the Diffusion and Scientific Development

    Milagros Rojas

    Milagros Rojas is the doctor candidate in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. She graduated with the doctorate in Education and the master in Education Management. She graduated in Human Psychology and in Education in the specialty of Biology and Chemistry. Her postgraduate studies was in Neuropedagogy, attention to diversity, intervention with Special Education People, ICT and teaching of Natural Science. She has represented the country internationally with ICT integration projects in the educational field.

    Presentation Title: Development in the National Educational Proposal for the Area of Sciences in Peru

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